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Roleplay Guidelines and stuff of that sort
:bulletyellow: I do not do smut, and if I did I would be horrible at it.
:bulletyellow: I will RP with other OCs, as long as they aren't Mary-Sues, if they are deliberate, then I'll think about it.
:bulletyellow: I would prefer to roleplay literally. No scripts please.
:bulletyellow: I like RPing gore, as long as it isn't enough to make me sick. I once threw up because of a gore RP my friends and I were doing. I don't want that to happen again. Also, gore in notes.
:bulletyellow: I will not RP with you if you direct OOC hate towards me. IC, I understand, but OOC is a big no.
:bulletyellow: Remember, this character is really flirty, so if you RP a male character, then she'll probably flirt with them, if you get upset about this kind of thing then tell me before hand.
:bulletyellow: This character has a quite dark past. If you feel that characters with a dark past are Mary-Sues then don't RP with me.
:bulletyellow: I will RP with characters from anime, shows, etc., that I have no idea exist. Except I may miss out on the point.
:bulletyellow: If I don't reply, I probably am still thinking. It takes me a while to reply.

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[[This is a huuuuuge WIP.]]

Journal History


Natalie Smith
United States

Natalie Smith is flirty, stubborn, and in general kind of annoying girl. However, she only uses this behavior to cover up the conflicts she had in the past. She has curly blond hair, about a couple inches past her shoulders, she sometimes ties it into a ponytail when she's cleaning the house, doing the dishes, or gardening. She has always dreamed to be a professional piano player, but she never had the time nor the money to be able to accomplish that dream. Occasionally, she straightens her hair if she goes on a date, or if she has to put her hair in a ponytail, putting her hair in a ponytail with curly hair has proven itself to be extremely difficult, at least to her with her short temper.
She refuses to acknowledge that she is stubborn, she constantly denies it, sometimes even stomping her feet and yelling. She sometimes takes everything as a joke, laughing at it, and if it was something serious and you get offended, she gets offended as well because you supposedly "made it sound like you were joking." She always wears long sleeves, even in hot weather, she gets cold very easily, and she likes cuddling with others, she finds cuddling as a romantic gesture though, so she will only cuddle when she's in a relationship with someone.
She loves it when her boyfriend gives her small gifts, like flowers or chocolates, she hates being a burden which is why she usually takes matters into her own hands.
As a young girl, her parents always thought, she wasn't even supposed to be born, she was an accident, so her parents treated her cruelly her whole life. When she was ten, her father went to jail after he got drunk and beat her and her mother, her mother was killed through this, but Natalie was hospitalized, she was kept there for at least a month for her wounds to heal, because they would constantly reopen with too much movement. After her wounds were fully healed, she was discharged from the hospital and sent to live with her elderly grandparents. From that moment on, she was always volunteering to help, which got her interest in gardening and cleaning. She had always wanted to open her own business to clean and garden for others, almost completely leaving her dream to become a professional piano player, she still lives with them to this day, except they can do almost nothing due to their old age, and she tries her best to be able to assist them in any way she can.


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